Three Bottle Boxes

Ideal to be used to sell more of your wonderful wine.  Include the box for a discount if buying three bottles.  Use this size with your club member releases.  Also, a nice option to include with a special vertical offering.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss these and other uses for this size box.


Four Bottle Boxes

Verticals, Flights, and Library wines often need a Four Bottle option.  Custom logo on lid and sides can create a package that will showcase the finest of your brands.

Six Bottle Boxes

A package of Six Bottles gives you flexibility- create a package with all your varietals, use for Club Release, create a vertical of your signature brand.  Six Bottle boxes can use dividers (as pictured) or cradles to better secure the bottles.  Custom branding builds on your image, and this package makes a statement when displayed in your tasting room.

Crate Style

Both six and twelve bottle crate styles are available.  What a great way for your customer to carry home their wine purchase.  Once home, turn on it’s side to become a wine rack.  And your brand remains the focal point.  This will become a conversation piece that extends your brand.



Large Format Boxes

Do you offer Magnum, 3 Liter, 5 Liter or other specialty size bottles?  Combine with a custom made box to make a special package.  Your brand loyal customers will jump at the chance to purchase this stylish combo and share with family and friends.



One Bottle Boxes

The perfect partner, with your bottle of wine, to be given as a gift.  We are happy to customize a box to your specifications.  Boxes have your logo branded on them.  Much better than a paper bag and it will be kept by the recipient, extending your brand.

Wine Box Accessory Options

We can add cradles to any size box.  Bottom cradles, neck cradles and the “cube cradle” pictured.  These can be used for aesthetic purposes or for functional purposes when shipping the box.



Two Bottle Boxes


This beautifully handcrafted box, with your brand and two of your bottles of wine, makes an outstanding gift package for a birthday, a house warming, a thank you… (you get the picture).  Notice the picture depicting our ability to have two different shades in our branding process.